Crazy Basket

Put your opponent on really complicated things with this ability that makes the basket move up and down. Use it in the middle of a dunk or a triple … you will see that it rages to fail in this way. Trick: if they make you lilliput, you can use this ability to your advantage to lower the basket a little and put a good dunk.

The Beast

Become the beast and triple your size. Perfect for scaring your opponent, blocking, and pounding the hoop with ease. Trick: use several cards of this type at the same time and become a real wall.


It is not a very attractive skill, but it is most useful when your opponent is dedicated to crush the basket. Prevent it or simply use it to improve your blocks and gain an advantage.

Na Na Na Na Patman!

Turn your character into Patman, able to jump like a spring. Stopper, be unstoppable on the rebound or block the ring so that you do not get a … trick! Maybe you can try a mate from outside the triple zone … 6 points come in handy for building muscle

(Super) Sonico

Turn your player into Sonico, a character capable of moving at the speed of light. A skill that if you master it well will make you unstoppable when it comes to taking rebounds and linking several plays to in a very short time. Use it if you need to cut distances in a short time with your opponent.

Roman Empire

If your opponent is a great scorer and you are lacking defense, invoke the Roman Empire with this skill card to help you stop him with some good Roman columns.

But be careful because they will build them where they want … not always in the most suitable place and your strategy can go wrong.


Summer has come to Toy basketball and that is much more fun with a beach ball. If your opponent is about to hit a mate, then you turn the basketball into a giant beach ball that does not fit through the hoop!

Banana pancake

Spread a few banana peels on the floor of the basketball court to prevent the player from reaching wherever he wants. Be careful that they slip and you can lose the ball when you fall on your ass!


With this ball skill card, turn it into a soccer ball and make it only worth your feet to play basketball. Maybe it can be a good idea to bring the ball down from the skies when it’s a helium balloon.


Turn the ball into a helium balloon just when your opponent is going to score and you will see what a surprise. Perhaps with the proper inertia you can use this ability to get the ball out of the tyranosaurus rex gate.