Triassic Park

With this special stadium card that traps your opponent in the triple zone, through the tyranosaurus rex cage. You can also use it to protect the ball for the duration of the skill. Idea: if the ball has been blocked, turn it into a balloon so that it escapes over the fence.

Be careful the gate is electrified and just by touching it you can jump through the air and lose possession of the ball .. maybe you will find a hole from where to score if you are outside the tripe zone.

Fire Queen

With this powerful card you can get rid of the spell of the ice king and if you touch the opponent you will throw him into the air, ball included. It is a card whose weakness is to be caught and therefore extinguished your fire.

Ice King

Ice king skill card allows you to freeze your opponent for several seconds without him doing anything.

If your opponet has the ball it will fall and it will be a good time to steal It. Only the ability card that counters this skill is Fire Queen.